Evil Eye Rings

Evil Eye Rings The Paranormal Museum

Ideas and practices associated with the Evil Eye span the globe and have been around since Ancient times. Belief in the Evil Eye centers on the power of envy to inflict illness and misfortune, either on an object or person. The affected’s injury is sudden, and may manifest as illness, crop failure, the loss of […]

Lucky Horseshoes

Lucky Horseshoes - The Paranormal Museum

These four horseshoes were found embedded in the exterior walls of an 18th century stone dwelling in Brittany, France. Horseshoes have a long history of being associated with augmented fortune and the ability to repel evil influences. Traditionally made from iron, it was believed that the very material of the horseshoe had the power to […]

Fruit of the Nariphon

Fruit of the Nariphon - The Paranormal Museum

  * * *   Title(s): Fruit of the Nariphon (also known as Makkaliphon), female and male talismans Date(s): Late 20th century Associated place(s): Thailand (created) Material and technique: Organic materials Object type: Doll Dimensions: 15cm (length) ; 35mm (width) No. of items: 2 Museum location: Online Museum collection: Amulets & Talismans Accession no.: PM2018.10             […]