The Hampton Court Palace Ghost Postcard

According to this 20th century postcard, the ghost of Henry VIII's ill-fated wife, Jane Seymour, is said to haunt Hampton Court Palace. [PM2018.7] © Ethereal Productions

An unsent postcard from the early 20th century depicting a ghost at the royal residence of Hampton Court Palace. According to the caption, the postcard shows “Queen Jane Seymour’s Ghosts, as seen nightly near the private stairway leading to apartments formerly occupied by her.”


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Title: “The Hampton Court Palace Ghost” Postcard
Date: 20th century
Associated place: Morland Studio, Kingston-on-Thames, United Kingdom (publisher)
Material and technique: Card ; printed
Object type: Postcard
Dimensions: 13.8cm (width) ; 9cm (height)
No. of items: 1
Museum location: Online
Museum collection: Ephemera
Accession no.: PM2018.7