Haunted Mill on Humber Postcard

Can you see the "spirit faces" said to be visible in the trees of the right side of this postcard? [PM2018.28] © Ethereal ProductionsHaunted Mill on Humber Postcard The Paranormal Museum (2)

This curious postcard, sent on 21st May 1906 from Toronto, Canada, claims to conceal an “accident of the camera”. According to the caption printed on the back of the postcard, you can “see the spirit faces looking from the trees on the right side of the picture.” Can you see the faces?


* * *


Title: “Haunted Mill on Humber” Postcard
Date: 1906
Associated place: Toronto, Canada (publisher) ; Toronto, Canada (sent) ; Leavesden, United Kingdom (received)
Material and technique: Card ; printed
Object type: Postcard
Dimensions: 14.3cm (width) ; 9.4cm (height)
No. of items: 1
Museum location: Online
Museum collection: Ephemera
Accession no.: PM2018.28