Le Moulin hanté de la vallée des Trouiëros Postcards

Now largely forgotten to time, the old mill of Ploumanac’h was once whispered to be haunted by a malevolent spirit. This series of photographs, turned into postcards in the early 20th century, captures this haunted location’s slow tumble into ruin.   * * *   Title: “Le Moulin hanté de la vallée des Trouiëros” Postcard Date: […]

The Hampton Court Palace Ghost Postcard

An unsent postcard from the early 20th century depicting a ghost at the royal residence of Hampton Court Palace. According to the caption, the postcard shows “Queen Jane Seymour’s Ghosts, as seen nightly near the private stairway leading to apartments formerly occupied by her.”   * * *   Title: “The Hampton Court Palace Ghost” […]

“The Ghost in the Stereoscope” Stereoscopic Card

  * * *   Title: “The Ghost in the Stereoscope” Stereoscopic Card Associated people(s): Sir David Brewster, K.H.  (1781 – 1868) (“kindly suggested by”) Date: 1856 – 1859 Associated place: London Stereoscopic Company, 54 Cheapside, London, United Kingdom (publisher) Material and technique: Card ; printed Object type: Stereoscopic card Dimensions: 17.6cm (width) ; 8.4cm (height) No. of […]

Haunted Mill on Humber Postcard

This curious postcard, sent on 21st May 1906 from Toronto, Canada, claims to conceal an “accident of the camera”. According to the caption printed on the back of the postcard, you can “see the spirit faces looking from the trees on the right side of the picture.” Can you see the faces?   * * […]

“Dark Nook, Hark! Look!” Postcard

    * * *   Title: “Dark Nook, Hark! Look!” Postcard Date: 1905 Associated place: London, United Kingdom (publisher) ; Hastings, United Kingdom (sent / received) Material and technique: Card, printed Object type: Postcard Dimensions: 14cm (width) ; 9cm (height) No. of items: 1 Museum location: Online Museum collection: Ephemera Accession no.: PM2018.21

Cabaret du Néant Postcard

Traditionally, a cabaret is entertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience eat or drink at tables. In the Cabaret du Néant, shown in this postcard, les spectres tristes haunt a Parisian basement. * * *   Title: “Cabaret du Néant” Postcard Date: 20th century Associated place: Paris, France (publisher) Material and technique: Card ; printed Object […]

Nkisi Nkondi Power Figure

Nkisi Nkondi power figure The Paranormal Museum

    * * *   Title: Nkisi Nkondi Power Figure Date/Culture: c.1940s (Kongo people) Associated place: Kongo cultural region Material and technique: Wood, iron, glass Object type: Figure Dimensions: 27cm (height) ; 7.5cm (width) ; 6cm (depth) No. of items: 1 Museum location: Online Museum collection: Objects of Power Accession no.: PM2018.20

Evil Eye Rings

Evil Eye Rings The Paranormal Museum

Ideas and practices associated with the Evil Eye span the globe and have been around since Ancient times. Belief in the Evil Eye centers on the power of envy to inflict illness and misfortune, either on an object or person. The affected’s injury is sudden, and may manifest as illness, crop failure, the loss of […]

The Crying Boy

The Crying Boy [The Paranormal Museum]

These late 20th century prints are reproductions of Italian painter Bruno Amadio’s popular Crying Boys series. Amadio, who was popularly known as Giovanni Bragolin, produced paintings of tearful children for tourists visiting his hometown, Venice. When prints were mass produced and sold worldwide in the 1980s, the Crying Boy earned a sinister reputation after being associated […]

Lucky Horseshoes

Lucky Horseshoes - The Paranormal Museum

These four horseshoes were found embedded in the exterior walls of an 18th century stone dwelling in Brittany, France. Horseshoes have a long history of being associated with augmented fortune and the ability to repel evil influences. Traditionally made from iron, it was believed that the very material of the horseshoe had the power to […]